Re: Galaga - problems setting Rank D

From: Franklin Bowen <>
Date: Wed Nov 03 2010 - 13:55:35 EDT

Did you check the pull-up resistors to that switch? They are probably
in a SIP package, which are notorious for failing on Galaga boards.

On 11/3/2010 1:34 PM, Rodney Minch wrote:
> I've got an original Galaga board that I've set the dip switches to
> Rank D (Dip Switch 6J, SW2=On, SW3=Off) but the game shows it's set to
> Rank C. I can only get the game to show Rank A or Rank C. Basically
> SW2 is always stuck at Off no matter if the dip switch is set to on or
> off. I've used my DMM to verify SW2 is working properly. I also
> verified the trace going from SW2 to pin 3 of the 74LS151 at 4K is
> good per the schematics.
> All the other dip switches at 6J are working fine along with all the
> dip switches at 6K. Any ideas what could be going on here? Could the
> 74LS151 at 4K be bad?
> The weird thing is another person local to me had a Galaga board that
> was doing the exact same thing as this one. Not sure if this is a
> common problem or what.
> Any help would be appreciated. Thanks.
> Rodney

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