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From: Jess Askey <jess_at_askey.org>
Date: Mon Nov 22 2010 - 23:42:11 EST

  Can someone with an I,Robot help me out... Im trying to find a
replacement monitor and keep mine stock and I can't really find any docs
that go into detail about the monitor in the I,Robot.

Here is what I find in the docs....

1. the monitor is powered by the Switching power supply and gets 145VDC.
2. Because of the power configuration, the monitor does not need an
isolation transformer (the isolation is actually the switching power supply)
3. The I,Robot schematic package shows..
     a. monitor power going from the Switching power supply to P26 on
the 'Video Display'.
     b. degaussing coil going from the Switching power supply to P2 on
the 'Video Display'
     c. the RGB+S inputs from the game PCB to J205A *and *J205B
4. Looking at the various disco monitor pinouts on the internet, I can't
find any monitor that has these connectors (P26, J205, J2)

I looked at these monitors on arcarc...

TM-210 Disco Display
TM-254 Amplifone Raster Monitor

Neither seem to have these connector designations or pinouts. I thought
perhaps that the monitor was simply hacked and they fed the 145VDC
directly into the 120VAC input. But I just haven't been able to find any
monitor documentation that matches the I,Robot schems.

So... with all that... can someone with an I,Robot pop the back off and
take some detailed pics of their monitor and see what model they have
and if it is modded in any way???

What a great Thanksgiving project!!!!! :-)



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