Re: Poor Starwars Cockpit....

From: Ed Henciak <>
Date: Thu Feb 28 2008 - 12:18:46 EST

I think the actually panels are the exact same's the hinge that is different.

I can put an upright CP in a cockpit just fine....the tradeoff is that I cannot unhinge it (i.e. allow it to swing down).
I have to pull the upright's hinge straight down (for lack of better terms). This doesn't allow me to pull the
panel back towards myself if I unlatch it.

It isn't *that* big of a deal, but it nags at me :)!

Also, is there any truth to the rumor that cockpit Star Wars side art is out there?
I saw a site where someone claimed that they were applying side art....I'd LOVE
to order a set of this if true.


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Seems to me we ought to have a CAD file made from
one so we can have new ones made when necessary rather than killing one to save
another. That's a pretty simple piece of metalwork.





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  Ed Henciak


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  That royally sucks.

Any chance the control panel is for sale :) ? (just
  the metal....not the whole yoke).

Then again, shipping it to the US is
  probably too expensive.

Anyone else have a SW cockpit CP (no yoke)
  available? I've been meaning to
get a "real" one as opposed to
  hacking an upright one onto mine.


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From: Colin Davies
Sent: Wednesday, February 27, 2008 5:19:20
Subject: VECTOR: Poor Starwars Cockpit....

Some bad news from
  Europe :-(

The poor
  old thing got left outside in the rain....

Check out forums for
  the whole story... One less cockpit
in the world....

Cheers, A
  rather gutted Col :-(

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