Re: Tempest - no blue

From: <>
Date: Tue Apr 29 2008 - 13:16:28 EDT

Self test is fine: does that mean that blue shows up in the self test? Whites are white?
  Blues in self test and no blues in regular mode would be funky indeed.

  In the color output circuitry, there are some dedicated components for each color and some shared. Are the blues showing up as a different color or missing entirely?

  Missing entirely, I would suspect the transistor or resistors dedicated for blue: R55, R56, R76, R79, Q4.
  Blue shows up as something else, maybe a stuck line in N8 or P8.

  Good luck.

---- andre <> wrote:
> The game works fine, but its missing the color blue...
> All other colors are there at proper intensity (except
> something that needs or is blue).. Any ideas what
> could be the issue? Self-test is fine.. Could it be
> something in the z-blanking circuit? If so does the
> color blue point to any one chip?

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