Re: battlezone half screen problem

From: andre <>
Date: Tue May 27 2008 - 19:35:44 EDT

The image is not compressed in any way.. it looks
completely normal except for the area missing like
something is blocking the electrons on that side of
the screen... and then in the one part of the attract,
waves towards the right until sometimes nearly the
whole screen is seen.. at no time is it compressed...
its like it is revealed from something blocking it if
that makes more sense..
I did meter all transistors before posting this and
all were good... All connector joints were re-flowed
even though this deflection probably has less than 2
hours since rebuild. I did not meter the pots, but
they all look to be doing what they should do in clean
sweeps, including the game pcb ones. The screen image
doesn't jump like a flakey pot.. its rock solid.

I should take a film of it because it is pretty
wild... I have never seen anything like it. As I said
before, there was a post where a guy had half a screen
but I don't know if it was the same thing and it was
an issue in his blanking circuit.. If this was the
case here, I would think the entire image would fade
in and out on the side, not be 'revealed' like it was
hidden behind a waving piece of cloth.. I'll try and
get a clip of it.

--- Pinx <> wrote:

> I would see if any of the pots have dry joints
> first, then i would meter
> them out of circuit to see if they have a clean
> sweep and if they give the
> correct reading for their value...
> Pinx
> p.s. i would still meter the transistors too, just
> in case....

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