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From: <>
Date: Tue Jun 17 2008 - 21:48:11 EDT

Yes, when I lose brighteness I have:
--> about 20kv HV, ok
--> about 5.4 Kv on focus, ok
--> about 200v on G2 INSTEAD OF 540

G2 voltage drops from 540 to 180-200v and screen becames

do you have any idea about the reason?

thank you,

PS the
HV PCB (P316) supply is
--> -26.8v to -27.0v
--> +27.2v to +27.4v

>You're loosing brightness because, most likely, the screen
supply from the >screen/G2 pot is dropping OR grid 1 is
drifting negative due to a bad >connection. wrote:
>> Hi all,
>> I tested HV with my HW probe and I can understand that
HV goes from
>> 19.5 to 20.1 kv. when HV reach 20.1 then the screen
become dark.
>> Is it normal that during normal operation I've a range
>> - 20.1 Kv) so large?

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