Re: G08 problems

From: Lewis D'Aubin <>
Date: Sat Aug 02 2008 - 00:59:00 EDT

Hello all,

Well, my new Sega Star Trek project is giving me some problems. When I
first got it a couple weeks ago, I couldn't help but notice the poor
performance of the display - it was shaking and pulsating and the focus
would drift in and out. After a few minutes of operation it would calm
down, and the picture was reasonably stable. A few days ago,
unfortunately, I noticed the picture was taking longer and longer to
'calm down' so I stopped turning it on.

I figured a cap kit would solve everything. So earlier this evening, I
recapped the thing and tried it out.

Well, the picture deflection's a lot more stable, but the focus is still
really wonky. With the focus control at one end of its range, the
picture is very soft. But with the focus control at the other end of
the range, the focus of the picture pulses continuously about 4 times a
second from way out of focus to sharp focus... sometimes a little
faster, sometimes a little slower, but never ceasing the pulsing.

Any ideas for what to check? I checked my cap job in the HV section...


P.S.: Another unrelated issue - when the game plays its theme music (and
certain sound effects), the 'notes' sustain wayyy too long - never dying
out, until another sound effect interrupts the previous one. Anybody
ever heard their game do that? Any ideas there (I'm suspecting a cap on
one of the audio boards but which one?)
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