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I'm sure you can get your very own pedestal unit fairly cheap. I might even
be able to get an empty shell without electronics or monitors from a supplier
I deal with. Lots of centers are upgrading since the AS-80's and AMF
MagicScore's are expensive to maintain (what kind of dummies keep trying to
use 20+ year old electronics... oh yeah, thats us arcade folks, too). If you
really want to get a kick, ask the mechanic if you can look at one of the
scanners - assuming it's a '79 or '86 model. Wanna really test him: ask him
to take out just the number 1 pin and then roll a ball down the gutter. If
it scores 1 and puts the letter "s" for split, then he knows his stuff; if it
just gives 1, then oh well, it works at least.


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> The AS-80 (and the version w/ the '86 upgrade) are both Z80 based.
> It also uses several embedded micros (64180, 6802 & 68701).
> -Mark
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> Subject: RASTER: Way off topic, but thought I'd ask
> > I went bowling over the weekend and noticed the really cool looking
> > Brunswick 2000 score keeper they had there. As sort of a joke I asked my
> > friends if anyone could guess what type of processor was in it. I was
> > guessing, of course, maybe 6502 or something around that era. It looked
> > very Apple IIe-ish. Doing a little research, I found that the Brunswick
> > 2000 (AS-80) may have been as old as 1978 or earlier. Does anyone know?
> I
> > think it may have used one of the old motorola b&w monitors. Each pair
> > lanes had one, so there were probably about 12 or more of these things
> I
> > found it amusing that something so old would still be in operation today.
> >
> > Anyway, it was really "Back in the 70's" looking and would be cool to
> > if I had the room.
> >
> >
> > Matt
> >
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