Nintendo EZ20 Flybacks

From: Mark Shostak (DOS) <>
Date: Thu Mar 20 2003 - 09:49:22 EST

Greetings All,

Cinelabs is looking for a few (around 5) people to beta test some
flyback transformers for the Sanyo EZ20 monitor.

We would prefer candidates who can install and test within
a week of receipt of the part. Also, would prefer people who have
the tools and experience needed to verify proper operation of
this type of part and can perform an extended burn-in,
at least initially under fairly close supervision.

Tools should include HV-Probe and DMM, not to mention the obvious
soldering iron, etc.

The beta flybacks are going to cost $30 each and are currently scheduled
for delivery (to us) within the next two weeks (assuming there are
no further acts of god or war!).

If you have a dead EZ20 and have determined you need a flyback,
and are interested in beta testing, than drop us an email at .

If you are interested in more information on the project, go to:

Thanks for reading,

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