G07-CA0 X01 HOT 2SC1413AV replacment?

From: Gregory S. Erway <gerway_at_redcom.com>
Date: Fri Dec 12 2003 - 08:07:28 EST

I have a Missile Command with a G07-CA0 monitor (dead for a couple years since
I picked up the game). Flyback looks cracked. I replaced last night. I also
had to replace fuse 901. In addition X01 appears to be shorted and needs
replaced. Currently in the unit is a 2SC1413A HOT. This seems to match the
manual. The G07-CB0 uses a 2SD870 (going from memory) and the G07-FB0 uses a
2SD869 (from memory again).

Does anyone know if I can use a 2SD870 in the G07-CA0? I looked around for
cross reference lists and have never seen this as a valid replacment. I have
at least 3 or 4 of these laying around. I can't seem to find any 2SC1413A's

I still need to do the cap kit on the G07-CA0. Bob Roberts returned an e-mail
to me saying I was all set with the normal G07-CB0 cap kit and pointed me to
directions for it's use on his website (there are 3 caps left over and not
needed out of the kit). I also called Aubrey at Zanen and he told me his kit
101 should work for both versions of the monitor (CA0 & CB0) but a few caps
might be radial in the kit and will take the place of an axial cap. He also
told me that the flyback for the G07-CB0 that he sells can be used for the
G07-CA0. There is a difference in the part number (I think it was the last
digit was a B instead of an A). I had a couple flybacks laying around so I
threw in the CB0 replacment. In the past, Aubrey had also told me that the
flyback for the CB0 could also be used on the FB0 (13") monitor. He told me it
would run a little brighter so you had to watch out for screen burn in but it
would work. It did.

Can anyone on here tell me a reason I should go back home and pull that new
flyback right back off and search for the real part number? I tend to believe
both Aubrey and Bob but I figure I should ask. I find little information on
the G07-CA0 in any newsgroups or google searches.

Thanks and Happy Holidays,

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