Re: G07-CA0 X01 HOT 2SC1413AV replacment?

From: Rodger Boots <>
Date: Fri Dec 12 2003 - 13:12:41 EST

Gregory S. Erway wrote:

> I have a Missile Command with a G07-CA0 monitor (dead for a couple
> years since
> I picked up the game). Flyback looks cracked. I replaced last night. I
> also
> had to replace fuse 901. In addition X01 appears to be shorted and needs
> replaced. Currently in the unit is a 2SC1413A HOT. This seems to match
> the
> manual. The G07-CB0 uses a 2SD870 (going from memory) and the G07-FB0
> uses a
> 2SD869 (from memory again).
> Does anyone know if I can use a 2SD870 in the G07-CA0? I looked around
> for
> cross reference lists and have never seen this as a valid replacement.
> I have
> at least 3 or 4 of these laying around. I can't seem to find any
> 2SC1413A's
> anywhere.

I did a search over at For some reason
searching for 2SC1413A doesn't get you anything, but searching for
2SC1413 gets you oodles of hits, mostly for 2SC1413A.

They have the 2SC1413A for $2.57 each (38 available). Also they give
the following information:

    A 2SD870 can replace a 2SC1413.

    A 2SC1413A can replace a 2SD589, 2SD380(A), 2SD1143, 2SD1186,
2SD900B, 2SD899A, 2SC1875, 2SD1341, 2SC3025, 2SD2290, 2SD658, 2SD783,
2SD1171, 2SD1168, 2SD1142, 2SC2027, or 2SC1046.

But of course it doesn't seem to swap with the other two you listed,
even though the specs appear the same as the 2SD870, at least on the

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