Re: Williams old & new power supply & transformer block info

From: Dave Langley <>
Date: Wed Dec 24 2003 - 03:48:07 EST

At 08:23 am 24 12 2003, you wrote:
>Noticed this in a Mystic Marathon manual a while back. It's a one page
>document that gives the compatability info on the old and new style Williams
>power supply and transformer blocks. Interesting to note that you can use
>any combination of them and everything should be fine. Thought others might
>find it useful:
>You'll need to double click and enlarge or print to read it. Thanks to Joe
>Bachmann for hosting my pics (can't call it a web site since I have nothing
>but pictures there). Maybe someone would like to copy and post in a more
>appropriate techincal site? (hint, hint Tom McClintock or others?)

Great tip! In the past I had to work this info out from the schematic
.... :o(

After the holidays I'll PDF this doc and make it available on my website.

Dave Langley

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