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From: joemagiera <>
Date: Wed Dec 24 2003 - 13:23:31 EST

Going through some stuff, I ran across a few Taito and Bally/Midway service
bulletins. Is anyone interested in these? Are they worth scanning? Will
someone host them if I do? Most of those from Bally/Midway are old b/w and
there may be no call for them. Let me know.


Here's games covered:


Qix, KRam, Space Dungeon, Electric Yo-Yo, Zoo Keeper, Alpine Ski, Wild
Western, Jungle Hunt, Front Line, Elevator Action

Ice Cold Beer, Zeke's Peak

(list of service tips for 1983)


Qix cocktail


Space Invaders

Shuffleboard, Space Invaders


Rotation VIII

Seawolf II


Extra Inning

Road Runner (Desert Gun), Guided Missile

Road Runner, Desert Gun

Laguna Racer

Gunfight, Sea Wolf, Tornado Baseball, MAze, Checkmate, Boot Hill, Double

Gun Fight, Sea Wolf, Tornado Baseball

Sea Wolf, Tornado BAseball, Maze, 280 ZZZap, Checkmate

Tornado Baseball


280 ZZZap


Top Gun

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