Re: Dig Dug freeze problem

From: John Robertson <>
Date: Sun Dec 28 2003 - 15:12:51 EST

Any switches showing as always closed?

John :-#)#

At 10:43 AM 28/12/2003, Tom McClintock wrote:

>I have two Dig Dug PCBs which are exhibiting the same problem. In two
>different Dig Dug cabinets. Weird.
>The game will boot up just to the beginning of attract mode, and then
>freeze. There will be 9 Dig Dug characters at the bottom of the screen and
>the game will not advance, nor will it coin up.
>In self test, everything checks out ok.
>Here's a picture of the screen:
>I did a quick swap of the three Z80s and it had no effect. I have also
>checked to make sure the 'Freeze' dip switch is not turned on. Suggestions?

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