Hitachi C14C monitor cap list

From: Sean McLachlan <>
Date: Mon Dec 29 2003 - 16:46:01 EST

I have a Crazy Climber cocktail with what I am sure is the original monitor
and chassis. Although I can't see any model # on it, Google's consensus is
that it is a Hitachi C14C. I want to do a cap kit on it, but I can't find a
cap list. I also can't find a schematic for this monitor, the one in the CC
manual that is online is half missing.

Andy Welburn has a cap kit on his site. Andy, any chance you would give up
the cap info? I'll pay you for the kit, but I'd hate to pay for overseas
shipping and have to wait when I can get the parts local.

Does anyone have a list of caps to change out, or barring that, how about
some general guidelines for what caps to swap out? I can see some of the
caps are bulged on top, so I will replace those and those around them, but
aside from physical clues, are there any general tips? Or is this like
asking "I have a Chrysler, what kind of drink cup holder should I buy?"

Sean McLachlan
MIS Manager
LithoFlexo grafics inc.

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