RE: Hitachi C14C monitor cap list

From: Sean McLachlan <>
Date: Tue Dec 30 2003 - 12:44:23 EST

Matt McCullar wrote:

>I agree with Tom: you'd be better off in the long run to replace all of the
>electrolytic capacitors.

>What exactly is wrong with the monitor, BTW?

Colors are faded, horizontal width squished in a bit (adjusted all the way
out), some caps are bulged/leaky, picture edge is jagged, retrace lines in
the picture because the HV has to be high to compensate for low overall
brightness. You know the routine, the picture just looks tired.
There is also some burn in on the tube, so depending on how happy I am after
capping it, I may do a tube swap also. I have another 13" tube, but haven't
yet checked the yoke/pinouts to see if it will work.

>Here's another tip: Be sure you see for yourself exactly how each cap is
>oriented before you remove it. You cannot count on the silkscreening's
>polarity markings being correct 100% of the time!!!! Look to see where +
>and - are, and mark those on the board with a felt-tip pen before removal.
>(Yes, voice of experience talking!)

Thanks for that one. I hadn't thought to do it, but I will now. So far I
have only capped G07's and a 4900, and those were with Bob's kits.

Sean McLachlan
MIS Manager
LithoFlexo grafics inc.

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