Re[4]: Hitachi C14C monitor cap list

From: peter jones <>
Date: Wed Dec 31 2003 - 14:26:00 EST

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Date: Tue, 30 Dec 2003 10:30:00 -0700
Subject: RE: Re[2]: RASTER: Hitachi C14C monitor cap list

> Peter Jones wrote:
> >pointless, just because cap-X fails in yours does not mean it will be the
> same for other people.
> Only semi-pointless. Some caps have a higher rate of failure than others
> and if you know those you can shotgun them in and be done with it. In any
> case, I wish I had a list of what someone else had done before. That way I
> could replace half the caps, put everything away, reinstall, power up, find
> out I still had problems, swear a bit, get everything back out, replace the
> remaining caps, put everything away AGAIN, reinstall, power up and be happy.
> That's the way I like to do things. :-)
> >the only safe way is total replacement.
> No argument there.
> >what are you bitching about anyway, it's only about $10 worth and you wont
> have to repeat it till 2024 ;-)
> My Scottish blood winces at the thought of spending $10 when I could spend
> $9.27. I can almost feel my ancestors spinning in their inexpensive coffins
> at the discount cemetery.

but what if you spend $9.27 and then find the cap you missed needs changing?

50c for the last cap +$2.50 postage. :-)

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