Re: Hitachi C14C monitor cap list

From: Tom McClintock <>
Date: Wed Dec 31 2003 - 16:52:52 EST


I take it you are referring to the Taito manual, and not the Nich manual
Rodger posted on his site? I'll take a look at my Taito CC cabaret
manual and see if it has the monitor details. I'm guessing no, but you
never know.


Sean McLachlan wrote:
> And if anyone is still reading this and has a Crazy Climber manual for the
> cocktail with schematics, I'll pay $15 + shipping, then scan it in so the
> bottom half of the pages aren't cut off and submit that to the various
> arcade PDF repositories. I'd really like to see a complete manual available
> for the other owners of this great game.

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