The value of a second opinion :) WG K7200 Monitors

From: Tim Soderstrom <>
Date: Mon Nov 27 2006 - 11:18:57 EST

So I have been on the lately while
in search for my replacement monitor for my Pac-Man cabinet (yes,
still looking :P). I was ever so close to deciding upon a WG K7200
series. However, if you go to, you will see that
they pulled the shelf-mount K7200's, offering instead the D770:

I e-mailed Jeff Gardner (coincidence?), one of the sales guys there
and he said that the D770 is a drop-in replacement that simply has
digital controls over the analog pots. Seems fine. I asked the
newsgroup and basically got a bunch of hate rant about WG. People
were pointing out having to replace the electrolytics after 6 months,
and even had issues with the traces on the board pulling up.

So I'm confused :) I was willing to pay the $230 for the quality of a
new WG, but if they suck, I might as well get a Happ Vision Pro II or
something else and same the money.

The point is, I was curious as to people's experience on this list to
see if it was the same as the newsgrounp. Anyone have any thoughts
good or bad about the K7200's or the new D770's? I think the 770's
just came out perhaps within the week since they don't have pictures
or diagrams up for it yet.


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