Re: Re: The value of a second opinion :) WG K7200 Monitors

From: Tim Soderstrom <>
Date: Mon Nov 27 2006 - 15:06:28 EST

That's basically what I figured. It sounded to me like a few guys had
some bad experiences; and I think that happens with most any company
for any product. What soudned strange to me is that they complained
about the monitor crapping out but never bothered with making use of
the 1yr warranty. As for the link, it looks like they might be
updating their site. This one should work:

It's the same price as the K7200 and the sales guy mentioned it being
a drop-in replacement with the only difference being the digital
controls over the analog pots (so it's still the same tube, standard
res CGA s the 7200). The newsgroup mentioned the digital monitors
being harder to work on (due to the additional electronics?) but the
sales guy said it should be similar. I am still waiting for pictures;
he said they should be up soon - maybe today if they are updating the

As for buying used, the thought had crossed my mind but it needs to
be local (in the San Antonio, TX) area. One of the hookups I had
already sold all of the cabs. There is a place for arcade equipment
here that I have been meaning to check out. So it still remains a
possibility, but at this point I don't really mind throwing down the
cash as long as I know it'll be worth it :) Which is why I am now in
such a quandary.

I think getting a WG is worth a shot really, despite what I'm
hearing. Personal experience says a lot, after all. And the salesguy
has at least been very helpful thus far. I also can't imagine arcade
and amusement manufacturers continuing to go with WG if they indeed
are as bad as the newsgroup says



On Nov 27, 2006, at 1:45 PM, peter jones wrote:

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> Subject: RASTER: The value of a second opinion :) WG K7200 Monitors
>> So I have been on the lately while
>> in search for my replacement monitor for my Pac-Man cabinet (yes,
>> still looking :P). I was ever so close to deciding upon a WG K7200
>> series. However, if you go to, you will see that
>> they pulled the shelf-mount K7200's, offering instead the D770:
>> H0GS39L
>> I e-mailed Jeff Gardner (coincidence?), one of the sales guys there
>> and he said that the D770 is a drop-in replacement that simply has
>> digital controls over the analog pots. Seems fine. I asked the
>> newsgroup and basically got a bunch of hate rant about WG. People
>> were pointing out having to replace the electrolytics after 6 months,
>> and even had issues with the traces on the board pulling up.
> well the k7000 series has been global for over 15 years and i'v not
> heard these things,
> the electrolytics sound strange - they should have a factory life
> of 2000 hours minimum at maximum rating.
> as for tracks, i always suspect the user when i hear these things.
> the digital sounds interesting, if it has remote buttons on a small
> board you could put it inside the coindoor and not need a mirror. :)
> i never expected you to buy a new one when we last spoke on this
> btw, i thought you would buy a $20 jamma cab on ebay and gut it.
> as for happ, i cant say anything nice about them, the monitors will
> be copies of something else, like all there stuff.
> there joysticks are junk, coinmech's are stoneage and they are very
> expensive in general.
> (a bit like suzo in that respect)
> can you get WG to send you the manual for this new monitor?
> afterall they cant expect you to buy something you cant see.
> (your link is dead btw.)
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