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Quoting Tim Soderstrom <>:
> People were pointing out having to replace the electrolytics
> after 6 months, and even had issues with the traces on the

There have been a scad of bad capacitors plaguing ALL kinds of
electronics for the past three or four years. I don't blame W-G for
the bad caps. Heck, the quote (paraphrased) I got from a major
computer manufacturer was, "If we sued the companies that were making
the bad capacitors, they would go under and we would destroy our
supply line. Our products wouldn't make it out the door. It would
not only ruin the capacitor manufacturers, but just about every
electronics manufacturer out there." Then they pointed me to the
website for some more information.

Traces coming up would be related to a too-hot soldering iron and/or
inexperience removing components from the new circuit boards. Not to
point out anyone in particular, but these new circuit boards can't
take the soldering irons that the old ones could. I wish they would;
maybe another circuit board manufacturer has a better way of doing it.
  For a price.

If you have a newer switching power supply in your cabinet, maybe a PC
supply, check that for bad caps. You'll be able to physically see
them by their bulging tops or, if it got too bad, they will have split
their tops and you'll see a crust or liquid on the top of the cap.
I've seen this myself too many times to count. Just replace that cap
(usually next to a heat sink) with a good name-brand 105 degree cap
and you're generally good to go.

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