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> Good point. I asked them about it and they suggested to get it since
> my K4600 has a 2 prong power connector but the K7200 and D770 have a
> 3 prong. I'm not sure exactly that the AC adapter is supposed to do
> since you can't just magically add a 3rd prong (which I assume is for
> earth ground, but am unsure). I know the newer monitors say "no
> isolation transformer required" so maybe that hs something to do with
> it *shrug*. I haven't quite figured that one out yet, but according
> to the salesman, the $10 cable is required unless you want to fashion
> your own. I would imagine that the adapter is part of what you get
> when you buy a 7200 from another vendor (such as

that's not a problem then,
if you buy a monitor ask if you get the cables to plug into it though - but anoying to have to get them later!

the earth should be bolted to the chassis and not plugged in anyway.
atleast that's the reg's in europe.
plug's are not considered reliable enough for a safety connection.

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