Re: Pole Position monitor blowing fuse

From: Christopher X. Candreva <>
Date: Mon Apr 19 2010 - 22:35:15 EDT

On Mon, 19 Apr 2010, wrote:

> Check diodes 801 through  809 first, then I might look into Q 801 and Q
> 802...It is possible that the replacement flyback  blew... look closely
> and see if you have any cracks in the case. Also, check horizontal output
> transistor Q551.

I'm 90% certain it's the flyback. The white focus wire wsa looped behind it
(between it and the half-square of metal) -- and is chared there, when I
run my hand behind it I feel rough plastic, and sticking a mirror behind it
I see a rough patch in the plastic.

Oh yeah, and as my wife just reminded me, the night the machine broke we
smelled something burning and ran around trying to figure out what was on
fire. :-) I never actually saw sparks, but when we checked PP had it's
screen out.

I'm going to pull the monitor before I order one, but assuming it's blown,
is there anything else I should be replacing to prlong the life of the next
one, or just chalk it up to a defective unit ?

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