Free Stuff- Pick up in Laramie, WY

From: Jess Askey <>
Date: Sun May 23 2010 - 23:38:08 EDT

Hi Everyone...

I'm planning on moving down to Fort Collins, CO in the next few weeks
and I'm doing some housecleaning. Here is a list of larger items that
are free for the taking provided that you come and pick it up at my
house in Laramie, WY over the next week or so. I have carried it along
to my current house and not used any of it for the past 12 years so I
must not need it anymore. :-)

If you are in Northern Colorado, then it is a good time of the year for
driving north! I think it will only snow here 1 or 2 more times before
summer finally arrives.

    * Sega 19" XY Chassis - Looks complete, however deflection board is
      pulled off chassis, Im guessing it must be missing some parts. Fan
      and heatsink assembly is there. Picture tube has minor burn but
      not enough that I can't tell which game it is from.. maybe Star Trek.
    * Omega Race UR Control Panel w Tempest Spinner control mounted instead.
    * Wells Gardner 19" Raster Monitor - Was working 10 years ago, is
      from a Defender. Neck pcb is cracked but picture tube seems fine.
      Has enough burn that it is clearly from a Defender

Non-Arcade related if anyone wants it...

    * SAE 2400 Stereo Amplifier- Assumed non-working, taken apart and is
      a chassis plus a pile of aluminum panels. Should be complete if
      put back together.

I also have lots of other stuff that is too small and numerous to list
here if you happen to come by and are looking for anything else.




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