Re: Taito Missile X owner ?

From: Fabrice GIRARDOT <>
Date: Wed May 26 2010 - 14:27:50 EDT

John Robertson wrote :

> If you can send me a picture of the board I can hang onto it when I am
> searching my piles of old PCBs...

Here is it:

Just for curiosity, here are sound boards:

There are 6 small simple sound PCB:
A => noise generator for other boards + background sound #1
B => background sound #2
C => target explosion (hit)
D => missile explosion (missed)
E => car crossing
G => missile flight

> Otherwise you can probably fix that with a ROM Emulator and a bit of
> time. [snip]

I checked how fast PROM content is needed by the PCB.
PROM data pins are only connected to 4 shift registers inputs (74165).
There are little more than 2.0 Ás between every PROM address
change and data bits being loaded into one shift register.
I have some Hitachi 2732 EPROMs (sloooow 450 ns access time).
I think such a device will do the job.



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