Re: Taito Missile X owner ?

From: Fabrice GIRARDOT <>
Date: Wed May 26 2010 - 14:04:11 EDT

Christopher X. Candreva wrote :

>> Note that Midway's Guided Missile uses other gfx, so
>> it doesn't help.
> How different ? KLOV doesn't have any information, but MAME says Missile X
> / Guided Missile was had an 8080 .

Mame is wrong. ;-)

Taito's Missile X has a hudge discrete logic PCB game.
This PCB has *NO* CPU, *NO* RAM...
Everything is done with 74xxx logic chips, transistors, ...
Sound is external, on 6 small PCBs.
Check my next e-mail for pictures.

Midway's Guided Missile has a L-shaped PCB (like Space Invaders)
with 8080 CPU, RAM and sound.

Games are closed, but little different :

Missile X: 1 player only ; targets crossing the screen are always
small tank / big tank / jeep with machine gun

Guided Missile: 2 players ; targets crossing the screen are various:
helicopter, plane(s), different boats, truck, tank.


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