RE: Looking for Atari Sprint 2 Roms

From: James R. Twine <>
Date: Mon May 31 2010 - 17:51:56 EDT

> From: Matthew Rossiter []
> More specifically the 6290 and 6291 Race Track Roms. I can only
> find the 6404 and 6405 program roms through mame.
> I'm just looking for the data - I don't need the actual devices.

   I may be able to help you there. I have a working Sprit 2 (Kee
Games) sitting in my home office right now. I can try to see if my
EPROM reader can read the roms you are interested in.

   Do you know the location (on the PCB) of the ROMs you need? I am not
sure how quickly I can find my copy of the game's manual...


-=- James R. Twine, (

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