Bally/Midway MCR PAL IC's

From: Matthew Rossiter <>
Date: Fri Dec 31 2010 - 02:11:39 EST

Happy New Year Everybody,

On the Bally/Midway MCR CPU boards there are 5 custom chips which look
like they are MMI PAL devices.
I'm assuming they can easily be copied once they are identified.

0066-313BX-XXQX (MMC01) - H-T Generator - Custom
0066-314BX-XXQX (MMC02) - V-T Generator - Custom
0066-315BX-XXQX (MMC03) - Misc. V & H Circuits - Custom
0066-316BX-XXQX (MMC06) - Misc. TTL Circuits - Custom
0066-322BX-XXQX (MMC04) - NVR Controller - Custom

Does anyone know what kind of devices they are or what they can be
replaced with?

I put the schematic here



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