RE: GO7-CBO (13") flyback?

From: David Shoemaker <>
Date: Wed Apr 04 2012 - 00:22:27 EDT

So it was working (with original 1981 caps), I was in a hurry to use it last
weekend so figured I would recap it this week..

Went dark having blown fuse 901


I recapped it, replaced fuse 901 and replaced the HOT though it tested good.


Turned it on and got HV for a split second then 901 blew.


HOT now shorted. Borrowed a ringer and it showed the flyback toast.


Replaced Flyback, HOT and fuse 901.


Comes up with a good picture except for the curl.



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Subject: Re: RASTER: GO7-CBO (13") flyback?


David Shoemaker wrote:

I have a monitor that ate the flyback. I couldn't find anyone that had the
13" specific flyback so I put a 19" flyback in. It all works fine except
part of the screen is pretty badly curled (about the top 1/2" or so). No
adjustment fixes it.


Any suggestions on getting a solid picture on these or a direct replacement
flyback source?




Did you recap the monitor at the same time?

Bad caps eat flybacks...

John :-#)#

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