Finding shorts on Pac boards???

From: <>
Date: Sun Jan 04 2004 - 11:40:18 EST

I have a short stack of boards that I put aside for a rainy day (or a
brainstorm). These all have some degree of +5/GND shorts. I have removed the
socketed parts and verified that the problem isn't in the PS section. Also checked
other easy things like solder-side bent pins, etc. So, are there any easy,
common problems with these? I have repaired many other types of boards, and
just don't see this happen on other platforms. Maybe with the onboard PS, when
it dies harshly, it shorts a TTL badly or something. I know that with a good
DMM, you should be able to better pinpoint the problem area by checking
resistance, etc. Randy Fromm has written articles of using an external +5 source to
find a shorted node, but I am not sure if that applies here. Ideas?

So, to be clear of the situation on these boards, they all show a bad +5,
although the PS section seems good. Resistance between +5 and GND is less than
70 Ohms, where on my DMM, the value is usually 180 or so.



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