Tektronix Logic Analyzer Concepts Video Tapes

From: Matt Rossiter <matt_at_verio.net>
Date: Fri Jan 16 2004 - 17:04:29 EST

I just won a set of these on ebay. It's a 1980 edition of Logic Analyzer
concepts by Tektronix. The tapes are in 3/4" format - so I'm going to get
them transferred to AVI and then to DVD. I'm also going to scan in the
manual and make it available online. I haven't seen the contents yet - so
hopefully I'm not speaking too soon here.


2 Video Tapes
3/4 Inch format

1. General Purpose Logic Analyzer Concepts
2. Advanced Logic Analyzer Concepts

Includes a "Logic Analyzer Concepts" manual
inside the case in a 3 ring binder

Has a 3 ring binder and tape holder in each cover.
Over 3 inches thick

Anyway - I figured as long as I'm getting them transferred to DVD I could
probably make copies for other people if you're interested. I have a
logic analyzer and I still haven't made good use of it yet.

Being the nice guy that I am - I would love to give out free copies when
I'm done - but it'll cost me money and time - so I figure somewhere
between $15-$20 including shipping would be a fair price for 2 DVD's.

First question is, are these already available on VHS and I just don't
know it?

Second is, how many people would be interested in this? Rather than
emailing me or the list - just go to my poll page -->



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