Re: Tektronix Logic Analyzer Concepts Video Tapes

From: Matt Rossiter <>
Date: Sat Jan 17 2004 - 15:11:42 EST

Ok, I may have spoken a little too soon. I got the manual and the tapes.

The tapes, of course, are huge! The first tape is 15 minutes, and the
second one is 10 minutes. The *binder* is over 3 inches thick but the
actual manual is only 37 pages long. I'm sort of bummed on one hand
because I was hoping for more instruction material - on the other hand the
manual gets right to the point and gives you only what you *need* to know.

So, the good news is since the videos are so short - I might as well
capture them into mpeg format and make them available online rather than
trying to ship DVD's. In other words it's FREE.

The bad news is the material is pretty basic.

Anyway, I'll put this stuff online in the next couple weeks and post the
URL for those interested.




On Fri, 16 Jan 2004, Matt Rossiter wrote:

> I just won a set of these on ebay. It's a 1980 edition of Logic Analyzer
> concepts by Tektronix. The tapes are in 3/4" format - so I'm going to get
> them transferred to AVI and then to DVD. I'm also going to scan in the
> manual and make it available online. I haven't seen the contents yet - so
> hopefully I'm not speaking too soon here.
> **************
> Tektronix
> 2 Video Tapes
> 3/4 Inch format
> 1. General Purpose Logic Analyzer Concepts
> 2. Advanced Logic Analyzer Concepts
> Includes a "Logic Analyzer Concepts" manual
> inside the case in a 3 ring binder
> Has a 3 ring binder and tape holder in each cover.
> Over 3 inches thick
> *************
> Anyway - I figured as long as I'm getting them transferred to DVD I could
> probably make copies for other people if you're interested. I have a
> logic analyzer and I still haven't made good use of it yet.
> Being the nice guy that I am - I would love to give out free copies when
> I'm done - but it'll cost me money and time - so I figure somewhere
> between $15-$20 including shipping would be a fair price for 2 DVD's.
> First question is, are these already available on VHS and I just don't
> know it?
> Second is, how many people would be interested in this? Rather than
> emailing me or the list - just go to my poll page -->
> thanks!
> Matt

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