Re: RE: RE: Fluke 9010a question

From: kklopp <>
Date: Sat Jan 24 2004 - 17:03:41 EST

Nor are many systems as easy to disable as Atari. On Pac Man Midway
instructs you cut a trace or a pin to do it manually.

Gorf is a similar example of what James B is refering to, it has a latch to
select a section of RAM. That latch is also tied to the /RESET so you can
test everything else fine by ignoring the /Resetting of the UUT but not that
section of RAM.


<> wrote.
>You can't always disable the reset or watchdog in software. You can
>ignore the reset line, but sometimes the watchdog can mess up your
>standard tests. (I *think* Centipede is an example of this... Been a
>while since I tried it.) I used to just ignore the status line via
>software, but nowadays I always ground the watchdog disable.
>--James Bright
>Restored Arcade Games for your Home

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