Lots of catching up...

From: Martin White <martin_at_guddler.co.uk>
Date: Tue Jul 06 2004 - 09:01:41 EDT

Hi Guys,

I've just spent a rather pleasent morning reading through the archives
for the list from day 1. Now i really need to get some work done, but
there were a few things that came up that i could either do with
updates on, or offer updates on...

1. Firstly I posted myself searching for documentation on the "Taito
Multi Checker" (big green rig thing) and the "Taito Test Tech" (like
the cat box, but specifically for 6809 based Taito games). If anyone
was looking for these then i now how full manuals for each that i can
scan in. Hmm. Thinking about it, the manual for the Test Tech is
probably in the case and the test tech is out on loan at the moment.

2. Way back, someone was asking for rom images for the Midway Card
rack tester cards. I could also do with these if anyone has them for
the same reasons (only one supplied with the cards, not both). If i
ever get around to doing anything with the cards then a dialogue with
someone at the time would be good too as i tried using them last year
and the manual made no sense to me whatsoever with regards to what
connects where!

3. Finally, John was going to scan a 3 page document on converting the
Z80 pod to a Z80AA. Did this ever happen? If so, is it somewhere i can
get it? If i were to do the mod, i take it the pod will still work on
the older Z80 hardware as well?

Sorry for the questions, but i figure it was worth bunching them all
together, and i realise it's dragging up a lot of very old topics, but
hey, that's what the archives are there for :O)


Guddler's Arcade
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