Re: Disaster!

From: John Robertson <>
Date: Mon Jul 12 2004 - 20:35:45 EDT

I use 40 pin IC sockets (I call them 'sacrifice sockets';-) to store
my plugs, and you can use these with a tiny jumper to repair this
particular break...

John :-#)#

At 12:40 AM +0100 7/13/04, Martin White wrote:
>Well i think so for me anyway :O(
>I have all my Fluke pods in a draw and it's now obvious i need to
>find somewhere better to store them. Was just rummaging around
>looking for something and i noticed that some pins were bent on my
>8085 pod. I bent them back and pin 40 snapped off. Grrrrrrr....
>Thing is, this is pin 40 of a little adapter (genuine Fluke) that is
>connected to the pod cpu plug. Anyone got any idea what it is and if
>i need it?
>At the minute i'm REALLY hoping i don't need it to use the 8085 pod.
>I can take a pic tomorrow if needs be, but i'm not in the best of
>moods at the minute, so i'm best off leaving the games room alone
>for tonight!

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