Fluke adapter ID?

From: Martin White <martin_at_guddler.co.uk>
Date: Fri Jul 23 2004 - 06:48:05 EDT

Just picked up a small adapter off of ebay, very cheap as a wild guess
as it looked like it could have been a replacement for the 8085 adapter
that i broke the other day. Well, not surprisingly, it's not the same.

Anyone know for sure what it is? It's part number is: 9000A 7201 and
there's also 4702 on the sealed Fluke packagin too. It _LOOKS_ to be a
blank for making up your own adapters. Googling, get's me a whole 0 results!

I wandered whether i could perhaps transplant the parts from the broken
adapter into this one? That's if i can work out how to get into them :)

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