Re: Kurz Kasch?

From: John Robertson <>
Date: Mon Dec 13 2004 - 14:53:57 EST

<x-flowed>I have some info on the KK stuff on the TTL ftp site.

John :-#)#

At 1:18 PM -0600 12/13/04, joemagiera wrote:
>I know I've seen/read Kurz Kasch referenced in many places related to
>testing PCBs. I never followed the posts because I never had one. While
>sorting through some stuff, I found I have something labeled Kurz Kasch. A
>pic of it can be seen here:
>Yes, that board is attached, and it appears that it came from the factory
>that way. Can anyone tell me exactly what, how, it's used? Any manuals on
>line anywhere? Is it very useful? I see some edge connectors on the bottom
>labeled Program 1 & Program 2. The unit does light up when plugged in.

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