Re: Pat 9000 Black and White Monitor

From: Tom McClintock <>
Date: Mon Dec 27 2004 - 14:59:00 EST

<x-flowed>Wow Mark,

Pretty quick on that auction! :) Stephen has some nice distributor
stuff, but that monitor is too big to have fit on top of a PAT9000.
Probably a custom enclosure as the orange boat anchor, er, tester wasn't
vector and the PAT utilized one color gun of the color amplifone for B&W
games. Then again, there was a two-year gap between Lunar Lander and
Tempest which would have necessitated some sort of bench tester.

Probably legit, but uncommon.


Mark Hooks wrote:
> This is not my auction, but I thought someone on the list might be
> interested:
> <>
> I have a Pat 9000 and I didn't realize they made a black and white
> vector monitor for it. Is this factory, or something someone built from
> scratch.
> Mark

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