FIDE Include files

From: Martin White <>
Date: Wed Aug 16 2006 - 20:09:03 EDT

Not sure if James is reading this list but I guess this is as good a place
as any to ask!

Has anyone had any problems using include files with FIDE? Specifically

The following simply doesnıt want to work, I just get the compile error
³Cannot open file mwz80.9lc²

    exercise errors YES
    include ³z80.pod²
    include ³mwz80.plc²

Iıve also tried ³~/mwz80.plc² and also the entire path.

The file ³mwz80.plc² DOES exist and it exists in the same path as the main
script that Iım calling it from.

Any ideas? Not trying to do anything fancy, just including stuff like ³trap
bad power supply NO² that I do virtually all the time on all scripts. Etc.

PS: Iım using FIDE on Windows XP Pro in a Parallels Desktop virtual machine
on an intel iMac but I fail to see why that should really make much
difference :)

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