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From: James Bright <>
Date: Wed Aug 16 2006 - 21:16:18 EDT

Works on my machine :-) (Actually I use it a lot because I have a lot of
libraries for specific chip tests.)
Couple of things....
FIDE uses the *original* compiler. It does this by (behind the scenes)
taking the input text file (script) and passing that to the compiler by
dynamically creating a batch file. Look in the folder called "Internal" and
you'll see a lot of these working files. At least that is where I think I
put them. It's been a good two years since I cracked open that code. At any
rate, what it does is literally insert the contents of the file where that
include statement is and then calls the compiler. Do the samples work for
you? I think the centipede sample has an include statement in it. Also, what
exactly does it say in the Messages window? You can look in that Internal
directory to see if there is a temporary file to give you a clue as well.
Since it was never tested on iMac so that's a try at your own risk ;-)
I was going to attach the code that handles this... but there is a lot and
it probably wouldn't mean a whole lot unless you saw it all in context. I
seem to recall having to do dumb things with long file names because the
original compiler couldn't handle it. But I got it to work on the standard
winxp platform just fine...
Hope that gives you something to at least look at.

--James Bright
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Oops, sorry, that should read: include "mwz80.9lc" not "plc"!

On 17/8/06 01:09, "Martin White" <> wrote:

Not sure if James is reading this list but I guess this is as good a place
as any to ask!

Has anyone had any problems using include files with FIDE? Specifically

The following simply doesn't want to work, I just get the compile error
"Cannot open file mwz80.9lc"

    exercise errors YES
    include "z80.pod"
    include "mwz80.plc"

I've also tried "~/mwz80.plc" and also the entire path.

The file "mwz80.plc" DOES exist and it exists in the same path as the main
script that I'm calling it from.

Any ideas? Not trying to do anything fancy, just including stuff like "trap
bad power supply NO" that I do virtually all the time on all scripts. Etc.

PS: I'm using FIDE on Windows XP Pro in a Parallels Desktop virtual machine
on an intel iMac but I fail to see why that should really make much
difference :)

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