Re: 9010a RS232 problem?

From: John Robertson <>
Date: Sun Jan 03 2010 - 15:28:20 EST

Kevin Moore wrote:
> Ok the holidays are over, and I'm back to trying to get my Fluke hooked up
> to the computer so I can do scripts.
> Problem I'm having is that when I enter the following Aux/if , Read , Yes
> the fluke resets after 1-2 secs.
> It will also do this with the serial port unplugged.
> I'm wondering if the is a normal action, like the Fluke is looking for a
> signal from the com port to wait, or if there is a problem with my fluke..
> Thanks,
> Kevin
Try leaving a pod hooked up in Self-Test and leave it running for a
while - the machine should not reset...

If it does then something may well be wrong with the 9010 and I would
check the power supply first - looking for failing caps is the first
item on the check list.

John :-#)#
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