Re: Manual/schems for MicroConcepts Boardwalker 101?

From: Alan McCormick <>
Date: Wed May 15 2013 - 07:09:42 EDT

Thanks to the Google I found the guy who was a designer for the Boardwalker 101/102. His name is Keith Vennel and although he no longer has schems or software for the device, he remembered off the top of his head the wiring for the test leads. Email quote follows.

>The dual in line header connector was connected to a crimp on ribbon cable
connector.  Then the other end was connected to two connector that
>connect the odd wires to one side and the event to the other side of a
test clip.  Pretty straight forward.  The ribbon cable was electrically
>connected to the test sockets on the front for testing loose ICs.  So
just ohm between the test sockets and the ribbon cable connector and you get >the wiring diagram for the test cable.

>Good luck and enjoy
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