Transistor cross references

From: Paul Maddern <>
Date: Thu Oct 07 2004 - 08:28:39 EDT

Hey all

I'm looking for a cross reference for the MPSU07 and MPSU57 on my Star Wars
deflection board. The whole machine works just fine now (I've had it
running using a borrowed deflection PCB!) so I really want to sort this out
asap! I see that I can use either SK3199/SK3200 or NTE188/NTE189 or
BD529/BD530 but *none* of these parts are obtainable easily in the UK. I
did however stumble across a cross reference which suggests using
BD237/BD238 which are widely available everywhere... But I'm not entirely
sure about the specs:

However I've read docs which suggest replacing these with a higher powered
NTE49/NTE50 though? Not that I can find these either ;o) But then again,
I've not even bothered looking for cross references yet! Would it be better
to be searching for these instead?

Can anyone please offer any advice? TIA :o)


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