Re: Transistor cross references

Date: Thu Oct 07 2004 - 10:59:02 EDT

This info is used at your own risk....... :-)
I used an MJE15030 and its complement (MJE15031) to replace a pair on my asteroids deflection board as a bit of an exercise to see if they would work.They are dirt cheap and overrated somewhat.
It seemed to work ok BUT I have not had it on very much since I did the repair.
Also the pinouts are different, you have to bent the rightmost leg up, stagger the transistor in the holes so that its middle leg is in the right hand hole, and then you need to wire the lifted leg to the left hand hole... so BEWARE... :-)
Another warning is the heatsink becomes "live" (but its not a problem on asteroids as they all have theire own heatsinks which are not connected to anything )
So you will probably need to fit an insulator in place if they all use a common heatsink, Or simply use an MJF15030/31 instead which have an isolated package (dont know if these are easily obtainable or not in uk)
Please let me know if you have some sucess with this.. it was the best equivalent I could find 'off the shelf' with similar characteristics and voltage ratings so I could make a start rebuilding the board.
Regards, Colin

Paul Maddern <> wrote:
Hey all

I'm looking for a cross reference for the MPSU07 and MPSU57 on my Star Wars
deflection board. The whole machine works just fine now (I've had it
running using a borrowed deflection PCB!) so I really want to sort this out
asap! I see that I can use either SK3199/SK3200 or NTE188/NTE189 or
BD529/BD530 but *none* of these parts are obtainable easily in the UK. I
did however stumble across a cross reference which suggests using
BD237/BD238 which are widely available everywhere... But I'm not entirely
sure about the specs:

However I've read docs which suggest replacing these with a higher powered
NTE49/NTE50 though? Not that I can find these either ;o) But then again,
I've not even bothered looking for cross references yet! Would it be better
to be searching for these instead?

Can anyone please offer any advice? TIA :o)


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