RE: 6502 Recompiled

From: Neil Bradley <>
Date: Fri Oct 15 2004 - 11:47:10 EDT

> I'm going to expose myself for the bozo that I am,

You're definitely not a bozo!

> but would you explain for
> the non-programmer type what this means? Not the details, just the Big
> Picture. Does this mean you can run Asteroids or Tempest code on new
> hardware, or modify the code, or make new games that run on
> asteroids/tempest/any 6502 game board?

It means a few things:

1) Code can be modified

2) Code will run on CPUs that are MUCH wimpier than your average desktop

3) Allows the code to have the same behavior on any processor as it did on
the original processor (6502).

The code has been translated to C, and C is compilable on a LOT of
processor targets. Does that help?


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