Re: 6502 Recompiled

From: Graham Toal <>
Date: Fri Oct 15 2004 - 18:21:54 EDT

> It does, thank you for taking the time. Thanks to you too, Graham.
> Let me see if I have the right vision of what you are doing. You have a
> 6502 recompiler that can take apart the original Asteroids game code and
> turn that code into C. You optimize that a bit, and then can burn that onto
> ROM's. Put the ROM's on a board with some newer processor (ARM or 68000
> maybe) and some modern RAM. That setup will be functionally identical to
> the old Asteroids board, giving the same output ready to be fed to the
> Vector Generator. Or does this cover the VG too?
> Are you looking to completely replace the old board with a new authentic,
> not emulated, one?

What you describe is definitely an option. I don't know if Neil plans
to go that route (probably not for Asteroids anyway, which was really just a
test piece for the translation technology) but I am taking a translation
of Tailgunner for the Cinematronics to put it on a flash IDE drive on a
micro PC board which I've stuffed into a Vectrex case, which uses Zonn's ZVG
board to drive the monitor. I've been working on this off and on for quite
a while, but it is slowly becoming less vaporware and more solid. Got the
flash to IDE adaptor last month, the only mechanical piece of the puzzle
left is a suitable small power supply - and a small bit of logistics to
work out how to get the software on the flash board when the adaptor
doesn't easily support both flash drive and real drive at the same time :-/

But basically this is what you're asking about, except instead of a dedicated
board and eproms, it's a generic PC and a flash card. And a much smaller
box than you guys probably would want :-)

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