Undocumented board difference on Asteroids/Asteroids Deluxe?

From: joemagiera <joemagiera_at_ameritech.net>
Date: Wed Oct 20 2004 - 11:40:55 EDT

Messing around trying to run an Asteroids board in an Asteroids Deluxe
upright cabinet. I solved the orientation problem caused by the mirroring
of the monitor by swapping the appropriate yoke wires on the monitor.

Now all I have to do is account for the board pinout differences. I've
tried two ways. First I used the ROM hack (I think it was by Matt in TX?).
Set game on free play. All works except the Player 1 LED doesn't flash.
The button works, it just doesn't blink. Hmmmm...

Okay, so I ditch that board and just do it the old fashioned way, I make an
adapter, swapping pinouts for 12/N, 13/P and 15/S. Game still set on free
play. All works again, except Player 1 LED not flashing. Same thing,
button works, just doesn't blink.

I've checked continuity every which way, from the light to the board itself,
no problems. I checked for shorts/crosses in the adapter, no problems.

Acording to the schematics for both games, the pins involved for player 1
LED are the same, Y and 8.

I tried an Asteroids Deluxe board and the Player 1 LED is indeed working. I
put the adapter on the AD board, and no player 1 LED blink. Sounds like the
adapter. But it can't be. Both pin Y and 8 are straight through and
continuity is fine from the LED all the way to the board on both pins
(including through/across the adapters). Further it can't be the adapter
because the ROM hack solution doesn't work either. Just to be sure, I made
another adapter, and same problem.

One other point, I tried both an Asteroids Audio/Reg and an Asteroids Deluxe
Audio/Reg board on all the combinations mentioned above with no difference.
Any ideas anyone? Can there be some undocumented difference somewhere on
the boards? If anyone has done this hack, do you recall or can you check if
the player 1 LED is blinking? Sorry for the long email on a small problem.


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