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From: Pat Danis <>
Date: Wed Feb 03 2010 - 19:13:31 EST
That goop that was all over it is supposedly nicotine and gunk from years of use in bars.  I can't vouch for that but that is what I've read.

Pat Danis

Darren Finck wrote:
I had a blooming problem on my Asteroids' 19V2000 (which was originally in a Battlezone judging from the burn-in).  I'm not sure how different the 15" version is, but FWIW my experience was...

My diode (D903) was an H1809.  I found it for sale at  The old one had goop all over it; some of it was likely a high voltage grease (silicone?) but some of it seemed more like melted plastic/rubber.  I had a hell of a time getting it out of the rubber boots on the ends.  Eventually the heat-gun trick I read about (perhaps in the vectorlist archive) worked great.  After I got it out, I discovered that one of the metal caps & springs was only hanging onto the wire by a thread.  I had to make a spring out of a pen spring an re-solder everything back to some freshly stripped wire.  After that, re-assembling with the new diode was very straightforward.  I used a light coat of dielectric (for spark plugs) on the ends of the diode.  Not sure if that's the "right" thing to do or not.   I think it's just there to prevent corrosion.  It fixed the blooming problem, BTW.

Oh, and it may be a good idea to discharge the tube before messing with it (I'm sure you already know that, though).

I also replaced the caps while I had it apart (Bob Roberts' kit).  But I didn't really notice a difference between before and after.  The other problems I had with it were (1) the obligatory bad header joints and (2) a dirty pot causing intermittent jumpyness and occational collapse on the X-axis.


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Date: Tuesday, February 2, 2010, 10:39 PM
Yep your right !  just did a
stare - and - compare of the diagrams to
both the Asteroids & Bzone. Pinouts are the same at the
monitor connector.

Fired up the other monitor and it does work.  Looks
like this one needs 
a cap kit also.  The text lines are not straight, they
are a bit curved,
similar to when you have to adjust the cap on a scope

Guess I'll cap both monitors, but the original did work
better (except
for the blooming)  

I don't have a manual for the 15V2000 but I do have one for
the 19V2000
and they look real close.

I still need to study up on the HV diode replacement. 



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According to Hans' XY Vector Monitor spec sheet, they are
interchangeable. Both are listed as running off a 30VAC CT
supply. You should be good to go. 

Do you happen to have the manual for your 15V2000? 

Has anyone seen a manual for the 15V2000? 


On Tue, Feb 2, 2010 at 7:08 PM, <
My Battlezone cabaret monitor (15v2000) started to bloom on
me, or 
I'm guessing that's what it's doing.  I put the scope
on it 
and the image is OK, so it's the monitor. 

I have a spare 15" g05-805 out of a Asteroids that I'm
of swapping out.  From what I recall, are these a
direct replacement, 
pin for pin ?  I'd like to confirm before I hook it

Any tips on replacing the HV diode ? I've never changed
one, but 
as I understand, it's located in the cap at the tube and
you have 
to use some kind of HV silicone to prevent arcing. 



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