Star Wars Issue...Identical problem on 2 Different machines

From: Vpcplusv <>
Date: Wed Jun 08 2011 - 09:02:43 EDT

Below is a video of an issue I'm having with my SW. I'm having this EXACT same issue on both my cockpit and upright. Each game is using their own unique parts...basically after swapping everything (and I mean everything except the hardness) from one game to another for trouble shooting I get no changes in either games. Keep in mind that these are 2 games using their own 2 boardsets, 2 completely different monitors (AMP and WG), 2 ARIIs, 2 transformers.

The cockpit has a rebuilt 25" amp (thanks Dave)...the standup a 6100 (with LV and BR delux kit)

I can't remember having this issue before changing the Big Blues which I got from Bob Roberts. I do have one of the BB I changed out sitting on my bench that I'm gonna swap out time permitting. Has anyone has issues with Bob Roberts' BBs?

So right now I'm at...
1. Return the old Big Blue to the transformer or..(i have triple checked to make sure they are installed properly)
2. I have 2 boards with the exact same issue (possible but not very likely) or..
3. In the process of swapping boards there was a problem with one of the cabs that damaged both board in the exact same way?

If you're bored here's the thread with the details of what I've done..this if before I got the AMP boards board back for the cockpit. I pretty much almost fell over when I saw the exact same issue with the cockpit as the standup...good thing I was sitting down =)

I've confirmed all voltages at the monitors and boards (5.15). I just bought a probe and a cheapo scope which I gotta figure out how to use.

Here's the video... at the 3-4 second mark pause the video.. when flying into the death star the planet starts to get 'cut in half' then note the pattern of the red test in the picture. I get the exact same results on both's in the's in the garage.

Note the towers drawings... near the end


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