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From: Luke Dyson <>
Date: Wed Jun 15 2011 - 15:06:06 EDT

I did put pricing in the post that I linked to but I will post a picture and paste what I put in the post as well.
Ok, here's the deal. The quotes I have are good until the end of June so I want to open preorders on these until June 27th. That will give me a day to make sure everything is organized on how many and who's paid. Once done the boardhouse says 3 weeks but it will probably be more like 2 weeks. Then I will ship them to everyone.

This is for the PCB Blank only, both sides will have green mask on them to save on any shorting by solder balls. It will also have silkscreen just like the original, same part references and test point values.

I was close on the price guess I made in my announcement post. But I can actually do just a bit better so what I am going to do is make it a flat fee including the shipping.

This is based on that I get preorders for 20

$175.00 shipped anywhere in the U.S.
PM me if your local and want to do a pickup
PM me if your overseas

I also want to include something to help with those that want to build their own Quantum from scratch. You will need a programed PLA and PROM. The PROM is the same as the one on Space Duels, so you can copy that on your own if you wish. The PLA you will need from an original or I will be willing to program one for you.

$15.00 for just PLA programmed
$20.00 for both PLA and PROM programmed
$30.00 for Mark Spaeth AVG replacement

So for 1 of everything would be $225

I have made a list of those who posted or PMed me they were interested, and I will update as I recieve payments. Again I would really like to get 20 to make this worth while, but I may still go ahead with the run if we are close. If we don't come close I will refund everyones money.

paypal is

Please put what your klov screen-name is and what the payment is for.

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